I have had complex PTSD for four years. I barely lived during a 22 hour long or more torture acts done to me. I was stabbed, waterboarded and revived several times, burned,etc...no one understands why i just cant simply be completely better
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36-40, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

You have survived, you have survived. Dealing with the aftermath of such horrific experiences is the test of your resolve.. You survived , step one. Anger turned inward is PTSD, you know this but cannot figure how to tell your heart to stop the anxiety from the pain. The only way is to forgive the bastards who did this to you . It will take time and lot's of it but you will . If you can survive the acts , you will survive the aftermath . You are one brave and fantastic human being who deserves to live a good life . You will , you will.

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