hiya im just wondering how long it tuck you to over come PTSD as i have had it for years and am unable to finish the councelling as i find it to hard.  however it is starting to get on top of me yet again and im finding it harder to deal with it. my family and friends think that i should have got over it by now as i have had councelling for 4 years on and off but im not currently having it and now i feel stupid as i need to ask for help but i think other people need it more than me.

Help me please.


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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

You don't get over it, you just learn to manage it better

Hi Ashleigh... don't let anyone tell you, you should be over it by now. It takes every one very different amounts of time. I thought I was completely over mine... And then started volunteering and helping women.. and found out I am DEFINITELY NOT over it yet. Ask for help.. that's all you can do! <br />

Hi Ash<br />
You NEED to ask for help. Imagine you had a missing arm - what kind of person would say 'some people have TWO missing arms, so be grateful' ?? The answer: only an a**hole!<br />
It has taken me fifteen years to not get over the probable cause of my PTSS. There are different reasons for everyone why it comes and goes in waves. Some people cant get closure, and some events are just so crummy that they can NEVER be made sense of. Part of looking after yourself is being brave enough to know when to ask for help. Asking can be hard, but NOT asking can be stupid. Hold your head high and know that everyone on these pages is on your side, and get yourself the mental sustenance you need