Never Officially Diagnosed

I was young and my mom and dad were separated; never really knew him. My grandparents pretty much raised me as my mom worked when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. She slowly slipped away and the last thing I remember was her saying "Don't forget me." The following 2-3 weeks after my grandmother died my grandfather watched me and I was afraid to sleep in my bed by myself. My mom was on a business trip and I was in bed with my grandfather and I woke up in the middle of the night and looked over at my grandfather. He was cold and clammy. I listened for a heartbeat and tried to feel his breath but nothing. I called 911. I think I was 6 or somewhere around there. I managed to get out that I thought my grandfather was dead and that I was home alone. I don't remember quite what followed but I ended up falling back asleep on my grandfather. The fire department came and had to break down the door to get in. All I remember is waking up to a slamming bedroom door and a flood of people rushing in with lights. It was all very confusing just waking up and all too. They took me outside and my next door neighbor took me over to her house until my mom could get there. They said that what woke me up was when he died his muscles relaxed and his fluids came out. Needless to say I have abandonment issues too :P
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that sounds soo scary.. Hope you are getting good treatment.

I am sorry for your awful experience. I wish you luck in your recovery.