28 Years Old And Need Friends Who Understand Polio

I am sel , 28y/o female from the Philippines . I have been  diagnosed with polio age 4 and after that most of my life I wear a long leg brace on my left leg.  We are financially poor and I look up to my parents so much for loving me that much that they put up with my disability. I am working in a corporate setting since I graduated with my BS Psychology degree.  But I am leaving the industry and would want to go to therapy , being a Psychologist assistant but I am still finding a way and the money to finance my training and studies in other country(Psychlogy and therapy career is basically non existent in our country) .  (I know with hardwork I will make this happen).   (: 

Today I am experiencing fatigue when I go to long walks in the mall , park .  When I learned that Im having PPS i was devastated and for a week I cried myself to sleep for feeling helpless.  But my faith saves me everytime and I knew in my heart that Im still here and eventhough I deny it many times I will always find Joy in life.  With the beautiful people around me . At first I was bitter in everything , didnt want to burden anyone about my disability , so if I had bad news about my leg i didnt share it to anyone because that wa my fear to be a burden and a failure .  Yeah with polio I failed many times and still is failing at things but I realized that by not letting the people who truly loves and cared for me I am becoming more of a burden.  When they see that I want to suffer alone their pain is doubled so I accepted that everyone will be more happy if I share of all my tear ******* story every now and then. 

I always challenge myself everyday that I can do things and just do things that I wanted to do.  that keeps me moving forward, im still here and people around me wants me to move on. 

that is my journey so far , so brings me to my request for friends who are brave and beautiful for still believing. 

I also would want yur help for referrals,  if there are scholarship programs for Psychology therapy , assistant Psychlologist program offers that you know
and referral for good light weight leg braces.

Keep the faith and be happy.
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Your not alone with your predicament, i myself too has pps.