Correct Shoes For Ptt?

I wear a Chung Shi rocker sneaker and MTB Tembea and Kitabu rockers and they control the pain to different degrees. Chung Shi, which were distributed by the Foot Solutions chain, is no longer available in U.S. You have to order the Chungs from a German site or from the U.S. representative. The MBTs have a softer feel than the Chung Shis. Beware: Never order shoes online since many of the sites send counterfeit shoes from China. Warning: New Balance is very ineffective for this condition.  Also, the best orthotics are constructed via a plaster of Paris process by the doctor and have a heel. The orthotics in which you place your foot in a box are worthless. Any comments?
stevereich stevereich
61-65, M
May 12, 2012