Years Of Hell! by Alinel

I ruptured my left tibialis posterior tendon while doing team building games the first day back at school in 2001 while doing team building exercises with the rest of the staff. It took ten weeks for the complete rupture to be diagnosed during which time I was in complete agony as I was still trying to push through and teach and then go home and look after a five year old on my own. The senovial sheath was so swollen by the time that the orthopod diagnosed a full thickness tear that cortisone injections were not an option. Surgery followed to attempt a tendon transfer which held for only four days and then snapped on the third day of weight bearing. I did not have my foot in plaster or a boot. Unfortunately my rupture was under the instep of the foot. After most of the year on crutches and while I was waiting for a caliper for my left leg, I was knocked over and my left crutch went under my right foot and snapped my right tibialis posterior tendon. Thus I now have bi-lateral ruptured tibalis posterior tendons and wear calipers on both legs!
And to make matters worse I was a professional ballroom dancer in my spare time!
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Hi, I wanted to know if you were able to continue walking after you ruptured the posterior tibial tendon.

This is bad, I feel your pain. I broke both right ankle bones. Seems like it is never going to be normal. I guess dancing is out for now. This is really scary.