So, I have heard that tremors are common and I have had them some times before when I am having particularly bad weeks.  I was just curious to know if other people felt what I would describe as "internal shaking"  It really feels like my insides are just shaking so fast they are almost vibrating but I am completely still on the outside.  It's a little weird but not terribly concerning to me.....just wondering if anyone else has had this experience.
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I have the same feeling in my legs and on my brain. I understand the need to attribute this to something I always question new symptoms as part of POTS are something entirely new.

Ha...good deal---I just like to make sure I can attribute the weirdo things that are happening to my body to POTS---always nice to know its not all in my head ;) Doing well--spending my days and nights studying for the MCAT! Hope you are well too!

Yes I do. But mainly feel it in my legs. And when I look at them they are still!!! It definately feels weird.<br />
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Hope you're taking care :)