I do have a question, has anyone gone on disability with POTS?
I cannot hold a job down, and am in dire need of money, all the time... For food, bills, and such, I know I am young, but I need the money..

I cannot log into my old account which this is my story, I posted it before.

Back in Septemeber, I woke up one moring, with stomach pain, thinking maybe, I was just being a woman, I went on with my day, went off to school, in progressivly got worse, I couldn't stand anymore, I called my mom and made her come get me. I ended up in the hospital for the first time THAT DAY, for pain, I went home, all drugged up, and started fainting( I fainted a lot before, but my doctor kept saying all teens did), my mom concerned took me back, but to a different hospital, who told me "You're perfectly healthy". Inside I felt my body shutting down again. I ended up going home that day, and only on pain medicine, I passed out everyday after that, I went to about 25 differnent doctors, trying to figure out "what is wrong with me". I finally fainted in front of the office staff at my school, and ended up in the hopsital again. After about twenty minutes of throwing bigeminies and trigemines (sp?) I was admitted into childrens of Detroit Michigan. I was there for a week until the finally diagnossed me with POTS. I got on a few pills, which didn't help at all, I was still fainting all the time, ended up in the hospital a couple of those several times. During all this, doctors kept saying "its all in your head". This week, I was out on a date meeting my boyfriend of a years family members, I still had to meet, and I fainted once, right in front of them, they wanted to take me to the hospital but I told them this is a daily thing, don't worry about it, I'll be fine. I was out for a minute then. About twenty minutes after that, I started vomiting, and fainted again, him and his family afraid took me straight to the ER, which I didn't even get into a room, I was in the hall, throwing bigemines, countless amounts of times, along with trigemenies. Doctors were so rude, didn't even care. I have had constent chest pain since that episode, I have been passing out constently, and this monring, I had to resign from my job. This is ruining my life, but all but two doctors are saying its all in my head. I am become upset. I have lost almost all my friends, and am scared too loose my life. Does anyone have any advice. Help me out?

I'm only eighteen and already dying?

I currently was moved out of my house, and have 0 money, to afford a new house, I am living with a family friend, but they want 500 a month, I need help.
Has anyone filed for diasbility!?
help,asap. please.
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I had to go on short term disability last summer because I could not work. I have applied to Aetna twice and have been denied the first time and have been waiting 5 months on my appeal. I am afraid I'll get denied again even though my doctor said it was impossible for me to work. I am currently looking for a new job because I cannot handle the stress of my old job and work 1 day at home, 1 day at the office, and then am so sick from actually leaving my apartment that I don't work the 3rd day. I am pretty sure I'll get fired soon because my work can only be so understanding. I am concerned about being able to hold a new job, but I am going to try. I'm 28 and live in Chicago. I have no desire to move back with my parents in Indianapolis because I love Chicago, but I have been seriously concidering it lately but not sure how I can pay student loans and especially all my medical bills and medicines. My advice is to send articles (look online from Dr. Blair Grubb or Beverly Karabin - my amazing doctors) to the insurance company and MAKE sure your doctor speicifically says you can't work or perform nornal day by day activities like shower, stand, etc. I think most Cardiologist from my experience do NOT understand this condition. And that unfortuntely is who the insurance companies consult. Good luck to you!!!

ok it took me three years and a lawyer to get disability I was working as a emt and was denied twice then went to court with all my medical records it cost me 25% of the back pay and I had 14 boxes of medical records but finally got the judge to understand what pots is. The biggest problem now is that I only get $694 a month to live off of I have been lucky that my family and fiance has helped me with a place to stay but its not easy. There is also help through social services for food stamps and sometimes other financl;e help. Dont give up on it but do get a lawyer...

i know this is an old post but here goes. it took me 5 year to get my dissability approved. Get a lawyer that agrees to get pais when you win your case, they work harder and dont give up. Remember this, syndromes(including p.o.t.s) are not recognised as legetimate dissabilities because not much is known about them. syndromes dont have known causes like how must ailments show up in lab work. The trick is that you do all the testing, list all your symptomes and limitations and then compare them to the symptoms of recognised dissabilieies. For example, if you have trouble with fainting because of p.o.t.s you can compaire it to that of a siezure dissorder. They can clain your diagnosis isnt real but compair them ones that cant be denied. Hope this helps.

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