Adrenal Failure?

Hey everyone! A few days ago, I spoke with a chiropractor who also specializes in nutrition, and very different types of medical methods. She is not a fan of the way that things are handled in mainstream medicine, and we were talking about my symptoms, and how I have been recently diagnosed with POTS. She said that she thinks that POTS and orthostatic hypotension really have something to do with adrenal failure or insufficiency, and she explained how those glands work, and why an insufficiency would be the cause of POTS or OI. While talking, she pointed to a spot in her back where the adrenals are located, and it really struck a chord with me. That was the exact spot that I was infected with shingles a year ago, and when tested for viruses recently, I still tested positive for traces of the shingles virus, but it was overlooked. I have learned that many cases of POTS are brought on by viruses. WHOA!

In her experience, she suggests that if you take the right kinds of supplements and eat the right types of foods, the adrenal failure will fix itself, therefor ridding you of your POTS symptoms. She does not have my medical history on record or anything, but we just had this conversation, and it was very intriguing to hear such a point of view, since no one else had mentioned it. Have any of you heard anything like this from your doctors? I'm curious. After reading up on adrenal failure, the symptoms really are the same as those with POTS, so it all really made sense to me.

It's also worth adding that through using her methods, she has supposedly been cured of a disease that she was told was incurable, and has also contributed to the curing of MS in one of her patients, which is also thought to be impossible. It sounds a little crazy and out there, but she seems to really be passionate and believe in what she says, and I can't help but believe her too.
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I know this was posted a while ago but I just wanted to say that Adrenal problems and POTS have to go together! I was diagnosed with POTS about 5 months ago. At that time I was completely home bound. Any time I left the house I would experience extreme nervousness and dizziness. I missed out on some really great opportunities because of this. Through the last 5 months I began experimenting with medications that would help treat POTS since docs didn’t really know of any. Right now I feel like a completely normal person. I have energy and am able to do things without being excessively tired or nervous. The medication that I take is propranolol and Advanced Adrenal Factor. Both of these things not only made it so I could have a life but also made me feel like nothing is wrong with my body. What most doctors tell POTS patients are wrong, at least in my case they were. Salt pills, increased intake of water, increased exercise, etc. did not make one bit of a difference but these medications are complete saviors. I think you’re definitely right about Adrenal fatigue and POTS going hand in hand.

I know this post is 2+ years old, but I wanted to share what knowledge I have on both these subjects. Adrenal Fatigue is ONLY verified as a diagnosis with a 24 hour saliva cortisol test. You may show symptoms, but it is NOT an official until you have lowered cortisol levels on a saliva or urine test done for a full 24 hours.

Symptoms of POTS include fatigue and many SIMILAR symptoms to Adrenal Fatigue- it does NOT mean they are the same. I have recently been diagnosed with POTS and am on a strict regimen of high fat (for PCOS problems), low/no carbohydrate, high fiber, excessive amounts of water (generally electrolyte water) and controlled exercise. I try to do 4-5 days a week of 20-30 min recumbent bike to increase the cardio pumps in my lower body, strict upper arm workouts with weights, and supine ab exercises (do yoga cat/cow to decrease abdominal bloating). I take 10,000 iu of Vitamin D, mega B vitamins (can never take too many, because your body will excrete what it doesn't use), cranberry pills (feminine health) and colostrum to keep my immunity high.

I am a Chiropractor and have been misdiagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue SEVERAL times by my colleagues. Lab tests confirm it.- remember that! The best was to combat Adrenal Fatigue is LIFESTYLE CHANGE. Mild exercise, increase sleep, decrease stress and get rid of the bad foods (sugar, alcohol, excessive caffeine). There are Adrenal support supplements, but AF will NOT go away if you do not make the lifestyle changes.

As far as becoming dependent on a Chiropractor... It feels great to get your body put back in order- when it comes back out, you want to feel good again! I describe it like massage- a LEGAL addiction!

i have given up on the traditional route for my daughter age 17. the neurologist and cardiologist gave her all kinds of med...some of the meds making other things worse....<br />
my regular doctor had me research reactive hypoglycemia...(which i found out is also a symptom of pots) explained the fatigue, headaches, muscle now i'm looking at alternative meds......we just had a biofeed back done at a local health store....the top problem to address was her liver..... i've been researching this for some time and putting all the infor. together ....her body is falling apart slowly because it doesn't have what it needs to stay healthy....when one system/organ/gland fails it causes problems in other where still looking

Diosesperami, I never did see her again because I'm afraid of starting to go to a chiropractor for the sake of becoming dependent on one. I've heard that happens a lot. Plus, I don't have any medical insurance. However, she is in Canfield, Ohio. Her name is Dr. Lisa Provenza-Taback.<br />
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Theadvantage, sadly I'm not surprised. The doctor that I spoke to before said that MS can be cured with a strict treatment of vitamins and supplements. However, it makes you extremely ill in the process, but you just have to rough it out and get better. The illness is your body fighting the disease. And recently, I was pretty disturbed when I read an article about how the consumption of apricot seeds is significantly more effective than chemo and radiation in curing cancer. It was outlawed as a cancer treatment in the '70s because the U.S. makes a fortune on expensive cancer treatments each year.

More and more I am beginning to believe that there are cures that the establishment does not want people to know about because they make money from long term treatment that people must keep coming back for.<br />
Independently I have also heard of a doctor who seems to have come up with a cure for MS.<br />
Years ago they came up with what I believe, is a total cure for Alzheimer's which in test patients not only cured the symptoms in those who had it and prevented it in those who did not yet have it, but it also reversed the symptoms in those already suffering from it, thus effecting a total cure and complete recovery.<br />
The Alzheimer's Associations say this caused brain inflammation so they stopped the tests and shelved the whole treatment.<br />
But I believe that the inflammation was simply a side effect showing the cure was working<br />
kind of how a light bulb when working also get shot, that is just part of the function of the bulb giving off light and working.<br />
It always went away in every case and had no lasting effects other then curing the Alzheimer's.

Where is your chiropractor??