I Get Potsy

I was diagnosed with POTS in 2009. I was forced to quit my job and have been home this whole time. This has been a realy tough road for me and slowly but surely some of my symptoms has improved. I am working on my second college degree....this time online. I am now trying to start a business from home since there aren't many jobs a Potsy person can do. In doing so I want to raise awareness. I'll post more another time but wanted to introduce myself. 

I have also created a facebook page. 


Please feel free to visit. I will also post info on pots, remedies I have found that works for me. Also how my 7 year old daughter and fiance deal with me having POTS.

Thank you and good luck to all. 

Stay strong. Its a hard road but you could do it. 

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I think thats what we are all looking for lol. No such luck yet. To be honest I have been fighting this going on 3 years now and that seems to be the only thing that helps. I have been dealing with waves and will be posting to my blog tomorrow. It's hard to find a universal treatment when we all suffer from a variety of symptoms. Also POTS is typically a secondary disorder....meaning people with POTS usually have something else--doctors are still trying to figure out whats wrong with me beyond POTS. Staying positive and relaxed is the best medicine. <br />
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I'm here if you need me :0)<br />
Annie <br />
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Great thanks-I have POTS too and still in the drinking water and adding salt stage of things-would be great to know how to get rid of this over time =)