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Hello my fellow POTSy soldiers :0)


Ok so one of the first things I found in my research after being diagnosed with POTS is that your mood definitely affects your symptoms. We are known for having hormonal imbalances so we tend to be a little more moody. I have to give credit to my fiance as he taught me to laugh my way through this. Of course at times it's very hard to do so but I try. So I decided to write posts called POTSy comedy. Every so often I will post a funny POTSy moment. This is to teach those fellow POTSy soldiers to laugh at the small things instead of feeling frustrated all the time. 


Once my fiance and I were having a movie night. I was having water with popcorn and decided that I'll spoil myself and get some soda as my fiance wanted some also. I had to go to the restroom anyway so I stopped there first and then I specifically remember going to the refrigerator. Next thing I realize I'm in our bedroom without the soda. My fiance looks at me and is like where's the soda? I look at my hands and am like what the heck!!! So he comes with me to look for the soda. Ok so I somehow lost the whole bottle of soda and neither of us can find it. So Juice it is lol. The next morning my fiance found the soda behind our recliner. I was so concerned like OMG im losing my mind but we just looked at eachother and started laughing hysterically. It was the case of the missing soda bottle. Don't ask how it got back there because to this day I have no idea. LOL.


Feel free to respond with a funny POTSy moment of your own. 


Remember it takes more energy to frown than to smile. Hey we need all the energy we can save.



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Lol this is an awesome idea!! I have so many. The one at best buy made me remember Christmas with my former bf's family. His mom lived on the top floor of a condo. So of course as we leave the car and head toward the elevator I'm thinkin "ok put on your game face Kate. Don't do anything stupid." The thought alone was exhausting since it's like my specialty doing silly things! So we're at the elevator door and the ex remembered that he forgot something in the car. When he got back to the elevators there I was flat on the floor...and he was like "what are u doing??" And I go, "preparing to see your mother." Lol I took that moment to get some blood back in my head so I could be mentally on my game!
Hey I say do what you can, when you can...and who cares where! He was so embarrassed.

i dont mind if you use it:) lol

Ok so the week before christmas my fiance and my best friend joe where leaving the house and I was in the middle joe in front and my babes behind I felt alittle flushed then down I go crashed on my knee on the concret. I started laughing and of course saying a few choice words and I look up and both guys are standing there with their arms out Joe goes now i know why they call you grace well needless to say I am use to falling so I got up and limped to the car and went to dinner. Well all night long the guys kept asking if i was ok and I said I'm fine and they helped me hobble along. Well Got up the next morning and I could bend my knee so I went to the er while my fiance was at work, I hate to bother him with minor things. I get wheeled in for x-rays and after waiting a bit the dr comes in and said just how many times have you fractured your knee. How did this happen again. Well as I was explaining to him what pots was he had me get up on the stretcher as I went to move I passed out. When I woke up the doctor looked at me and said I asked you to explain to me what happened not show me... This isnt show and tell. lol I laughed till it hurt. To this day I will try to get him if I have to be treated for a bone injury. If you cant laugh at yourself who can you laugh at!

OMG that is too funny. I could just imagine someone going over to your boyfriend saying ummm sir is that your girlfriend sleeping on the floor. LOL. Love it. Thats the way we have to look at it. I'm going to see if I post another comedy.<br />
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Would it be ok to post your story on my fb page? your sn wont be listed if you don't want it to.<br />
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If you think of anymore, feel free to post. That was a good one though :0)<br />
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Thanks<br />

i have one!:) lol i was walking around the mall with my boyfriend joe and one of my best friends dave, it was a week before christmass and we found ourselves in bestbuy looking at cds as soon as we got into the store i started feeling really hot, my heart was racey and my vision was kinda going in and out, but i decided to ignore it, not always the brightest gal in the world lol, so were walking and browsing down the asiles and we get to a cd my boyfriend really likes and dave hates and they start bickering, im standing there starting to try to lean on one of the racks, still bickering, then i sit myself on the ground, still bickering, then i layed myself on the ground, still bickering, then im out!, they turn the corner while still bickering lol they got almost three aisles over til they realized i was gone! they still apologize and i still tease them:) -i think that is a great way to look at things lol its great when you can turn things like that into something you can smile about