Diagnoses Needed...

            I have been suffering from POTS symptoms for the past six years, we have been in and out of doctors offices never getting an official diagnoses. many of these doctors have treated me like i was lying, or attempting to get attention out of this. i only recently found out about POTS through internet research, and it fit all of my symptoms perfectly. I am trying to find a specialist to offically diagnose me, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of doctors to go to. Any other tips would also be SUPER appreciated!
            Thank you-Keep the faith ;)
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the cardiologist is the one who diagnosed my daughter ...after hearing her symptoms he knew right away...then he did a treadmill test...which she couldn't make it thru....

Never go to a doctor that doesn't believe you. If a doctor I am going to is telling me nothing is wrong or they can't do anything, I stop listening to what they have to say and I find a new doctor. I really think you should get the tilt table test done as well. I would recommend going to a cardiologist. They will be running more than just the tilt table test to rule out things that are standard. I wish you the best of luck!

Hello! i've had a very similar problem, i've been very ill for five months and had countless tests which showed nothing until we found Pots on the internet, my parents then told doctor's how sure we were that it is Pots and the hospital organised for me to have a tilt test, i was diagnosed with Pots this week. Have you had a tilt test? if not this should be a big help to being diagnosed. Hope this helps at all :)