Exercise, Good Or Bad?

Its always a hard start to the day when you way up with an instant hit of POTS.
I awoke the other morning and became very frightened when I couldn't move, I tried to lift my arms but they simply just shook violently, and I could not move my legs or the rest of me at all.  I lay there for an hour, so nausious and unable to do anything, just kept working on moving my toes until gradually I got my body moving, but it was painful, like I had a tonne of bricks on me.  Doctors told me that I need to try exercising to try and beat my chronic fatigue so I had done some small exercises and pilates the night before, and ended up waking up feeling like a paraplegic.  Once I got myself out of bed I had to keep to exercises for another 30 minutes until I could fully get my muscles working properly again.  I hope to god that I never experience that again.  Terrifying.
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I feel so bad for you. I have heard of this condition and understand how incapacitating it must be.

my daughter has just been diagnosed w/ reactive hypoglycemia which now i find out is also a symptom of pots.....it explains the fatigue and the muscles...if your low on sugar your body is going to get it from somewhere...muscles! ....when i researched reactive hypoglycemia she fit all the symptoms (except for the extreme hunger...she actually has low hunger) anyway we started testing everyday and sure enough her sugar was all over the place.... before she is going to do something like exercise or lots of energy she drink fruit juice and granola bar. this is something new so we are just working out the kinks!

Exercise is definitely good. It sounds like you and I have similar symptoms. My muscles get very hard to move sometimes, and I have clonus (constant shaking caused by spasticity) a lot. However, the more I exercise, the better off I am. Pilates probably is a bad choice though, considering how often you change positions while doing it. At least until you work up a good tolerance. I did a specific exercise routine at Physical Therapy to get my strength back after getting POTS, and it worked wonders. At the time I started going, I could barely walk without a walker, and I couldn't barely lift my arms because I was so weak. After a couple months, I was able to do my whole exercise routine on my feet, without my heart rate going crazy, and I've built up to where I can walk for about ten minutes now. Small steps. If you want to know the kinds of exercises I did, just message me, and I'll send you my routine.