What Is Wrong With Me?? Finally I Get An Answer....

I am new to this website, and I am so greatful I found it. I believe that I have had symptoms of POTS since I was a teen. I always blacked out...I have only passed out twice in my life. My blood pressure gets scary low. I am nauseous all day, every day. I cant stand for longer then 5 minutes before needing to sit. House work has become impossible. Im so tired all the time. I have to walk up 3 flights of stairs to get to my apartment. I black out and cant breathe when I reach my door. I used to be very active....now, Im told I have become lazy. My main supporter often forgets that Im sick. He is pushing me to get a job. I have been strong trying to ignore my illness. I cant do it anymore. Everytime I say I dont feel good or I NEED to stay in bed all day, I get an earful. Also, my memory is no good. I have develpoed dyslexia (which I never had). I feel so alone in this. My mother doesnt think this is serious. I really have no one. Everyday is a battle and I fight for the strength to get out of bed every morning. Im tired of this.
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I'm sorry you are having to go through this. It's difficult enough dealing with POTS, let alone trying to deal with family and friends. My husband is very understanding but for the most part my family and friends don't get it. My husband has been there for the very scary situations when I've fainted and have been unresponsive, so he understands. But for everyone else, they are just hearing me describe it. Plus I look completely normal and well, so they just don't get it. <br />
Sometimes when I feel really bad I'm so ready to give up and just quit my job. At least we can be encouraged that others are going through the same thing.

this is amazing! thank you so much for sharing!! I had no idea what was going on. Good Luck and please keep me posted on your daughters progress!!

my daughter is 17 and has fought this for 2yrs. she has told me (off handly) that for the past 1yrs she gets her numbers mixed up....i've just started taking her to a dr. that specializes in Cranio-Sacral Therapy....he was suggested by a Chiropractor i know....during the 1st visit while working on her he ask "Do you get your numbers or letters confused?" wow! we were shocked! he said that is also a sign of the pituitary gland not working....which is the ba<x>ses for all of pots. your not crazy....my daughter is going thru the same thing....people see her as a healthy happy person....but thats what she shows them...they dont see under that! we have given up on doctors (the meds just make everything worse!) and i truly believe this disease is a domino effect...one thing shuts down which causes another things to stop working right....so i'm going back to the basics...how to get her body healthy and balanced .....what can it hurt!