Im 14 And Ive Had Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome For Almost 4 Years!

When I was 11 I fell off the high bar at gymnastics. I was Diagnosed With a concussion. I began Vomiting daily no pains, nothing, just vomiting. After about 2 months my Dr. told me that I had post concussive syndrome. I kept getting sick week after week. I went to school until Summer vaca where i continued getting sick, (now with pain, dizzyness, an exteme headache) When summer came it slowed down a little. It continued like that for the whole summer. During my 7th grade year it got worse and worse. I was vomiting more then 20 times a day(intensely) and always had extrme pains in my abdomen and head along with dizzyness. I went to school my 7th grade year only for 3 monthes. I kept getting Diagnosed with different things that ended up being ruled out. This continued through summer and 8th grade and got worse and worse. I would go to the emergency room up to twice a week now with symptoms including: vomiting, headache, dizzyness, stomache pain, chest pain, tightness in chest, feeling like i couldnt breathe, and joint and muscle pain! Every doctor i saw said that i was either faking it or it was not serious enough to be at the emergency room and that i needed to get over it and sooner or later I would out grow it. i went to school about 3 monthes out of my 8th grade year as well, that summer I kept getting sicker and sicker and life was miserable, I lost my social life because I could not hang out with friends, i kept gaining and losing weight on and off and it was miserable. I started to feel like i wasnt worth it and got very depressed. I didnt know what to do with my self. I was now getting sick about 30 times a day and I hated myself. 9th grade started this year and I only went to school for the first 2 days. I have the same symptoms including bad sleeping habits(not being able tosleep) and the other issues. I have been diagnosed witrh about 40 different things because doctors gave up and would randomly choose something to tell me I had. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia due to my aches and pains and I had over 100 blood tests, was told multiple times I was faking, or was just dehydrated or some other crap, and had multiple stomache and brain cat scans and mris. I had multiple x-rays on bones due to saying i was in pain and had 2 ultra sounds. I was also told multiple times I was prob. just prego! Recently I saw an article by Dr. Phillip Fischer about Pots(postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) i have not been tested yet but i guarantee this is what it is due to symptoms being identical. I still fear this may not be it due to being let down sooo many times. You never want anything to be wrong with you but I NEED an answer to end my misery! Normally I wouldnt share my story but hopefully someone else like me will see this and know whats wrong with them and not have to go through what i went through!
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You seem to have been through the mill,hope you are on the right track now health wise,can't believe doctors can be so clueless, terrifying to think you're gonna die and then you go for help and they have no idea what to do,i have an ongoing irregular heart beat,not as severe as yours,but i know the fear involved.<br />
hope you get well soon!:)

Thank you soo much! Its nice to talk to people that dont just assume something made up or assume nothing is wrong!

Your story sounds so familiar to so many others that I've read. Doctors can't figure it out so they say things that hurt over and over again. <br />
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Depending on where you live, find a Mayo Clinic or a hospital that has a tilt table test. (Even if you have to schedule it way out, and drive far, and pay a lot of money, it will be worth it. They specialize in the mystery illnesses that no one else wants to touch.<br />
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Your illness is real. You are not crazy. You are not alone. You are loved.