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I was diagnosed recently with POTS and it seems that I get worse everyday.  I have the chest pain, headaches, shortness of breath (which is the worst), the intense leg pain/heaviness, extreme fatique, and blood pressure and heart rate that are all over the map.  I am guessing I got this from a spell of Mono back two years ago.  Who knows!  I just know that it seems that there are not many doctors in my area who know about this which is scary.  I could live with it if I did not have the extreme leg pain and shortness of breath.  If anyone in the Mississippi area knows of a good doctor who could help me, please let me know.  It feels like I am spinning my wheels with the doctors.  I just want to remotely feel better.
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1 Response Feb 15, 2012

Hi I'm currently waiting for my tilt table test to confirm this is pots syndrome but already know that it is I have the same exact symptoms as you just with extreme thirst as well :-/ do they have any idea as to what caused yours? I'm only 22 and have a toddler and a husband in the marines I'm do scared that my symptoms won't get better do you have anything that has worked for you?