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Hi y'all! I'm 27 years old and just diagnosed with POTS in feb 2012. It's been a really interesting journey thus far. I don't exactly know when my symptoms started to be honest. I've always been a little orthostatic to be honest, my vision would get dark/ foggy when I would stand up too quick or took a super hot shower. My first episode happened while shopping with my two kids, I had some weird feeling in my chest then, my vision blacked out and I went down. An ambulance came checked me out, said I had a panic attack, said I would be fine.

I've never had anxiety so I made an appt with my primary Dr and while in her office my heart rate was 105 laying down and my BP was 80/50 I was nauseous, shaking etc.. She thought it was strange so she sent me to the hospital for observation. While there I noticed when I would stand up to go pee my HR would shoot up to 150bpm. Drs there did a tilt table and diagnosed me with POTS. They discharged me with florinef and instructions to drink and eat more salt.

Slowly my anxiety starting increasing! I was having many panic attacks a day. I was a nervous wreck, I lost 25lbs in 3 weeks!! I couldnt sleep, eat or take care of my kids. I was admitted to the hospital again to check for a pheochromocytoma or carcinoid syndrome. Everything was normal, so I got the GAD diagnosis-- put on ADs etc.

It's been about 2 months now on ADs and I feeling a lot better. I'm still getting 30+ bpm increase upon standing, but it doesn't bother me as much as the adrenaline surges were. In fact now I'm just confused, I don't have any pots symptoms except for HR and anxiety.. Soo dont really know if I truly have it. It seems like people are so much more affected than I am. I don't limit my activities, I'm not tired, suck feeling, no head aches, not dizzy or light headed, I don't black out. I work out daily!

I hope this is transient.. I'm gonna work my arse off in the gym @ hopefully beat this! I was breast feeding (for a year) prior to my first "panic attack" so maybe my hormone shift & sitting on my bum for a year caused this??

I don't know, but it's super nice to have other people to commiserate with :)
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What are GAD's and AD's?

I was recently diagnosed with POTS, however, the doctor that he diagnosed me didn't give me any print outs, etc. only to increase my salt intake and take beta blocker (bisopropol) and drink gatorade. that has been helping a lot until the past few days where my chest feels heavy, slightly elevated heart rate and pressure in my head (not quite a headache). my own doctor is on vacation and with my tricare insurance, I can't just go to the doctor without referrals. Is this normal and what do I do when this happens and when do I run to the ER for assistance? I feel lost here and soo alone.

She is on med for it. Florinef and a beta blocker. Sorry for all the typos, my ipad isnt showing me my letters as I type.

Its not deadly. My daughter has nuerocardiogentntic syncope. Pretty much POTS.her blood pressure drops..then she pases out. She gets the shakes etc. Its a pain..but not deadly.

I know a lot of POTS people can get mis diagnosed with Anxiety. I've read that the type of medication you are on can help with the POTS syptoms. You could be on a medication that works perfectly for you so don't change anything. Are you able to take care of your kids? If you are doing good now and are able to function, hold your head up and don't look back.