My Life With Pots/orthostatic Intolerance

My symptoms started about 3 1/2 years ago for no known reason. I was having near syncope episodes, fatique, dizziness and a general since of just not feeling well. my bp was 70/40's in the mornings, would increase to 110's/60's when upright. my bp does not drop when i stand it drops when i sit or lay down. my hr ranges from 120-170's when standing or walking. i was dx about a year ago with pots with some orthostatic intolerance. I am currently on 6 different medications. they help with my bp and some with my hr but i still just dont feel right even when my hr and bp are within normal limits. i get shaky and whoozy when i am tired. i sleep 12+hours a night when i am off from work. work is getting more difficult, i have a hard time concentrating and cant remember things i should know. I cannot tolerate heat cold or exercise. i push myself to keep working 3 days a week but then on my days off i am wiped out. the people i work with think i am a hypochondriac. which is hurtfull. does anyone else feel crappy even when their hr and bp are good?
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Google spoon theory.

Yes! That was the next question that I had prepared for my cardiologist. The "crappy feeling" is hard for me to describe too. I just don't feel good, even when my HR and BP seem normal. I had to quit my job and I'm recently trying to figure out what work I can do, I was denied disability but I apealed it, so I'll see what happens. It really frustrates me sometimes that people don't understand what I am going through, but it helps me that Jesus (I don't know if you know who that is) empathizes with us, so we're not alone.