I Am Desperate For Help To Treat My Condition!!

I fainted yesterday, in front of my classmates, and it was bad. I was very dazed, i fell hard and hit my head, i could barely speak. my pulse was visible in my neck but they couldnt detect any peripheral pulses. I was diagnosed with POTS just last month, but have been having problems for years, and it has been getting worse and worse, quicker and quicker. I can barely stand up on the first try , my blood pressure keeps dropping lower and lower when i stand, and my pulse goes from 95 to 150 when i stand up. my body is so tired i can barely do anything anymore, i have been so dizzy lately i know i am at risk of fainting again every time i stand, and i will if i dont get more help. i am trying to start my life, i am only 19 and i am about to start an internship but i am terrified that if this keeps going the way it is going, i wont be able to get out of bed anymore.

I am miserable and scared. right now i am taking Florinef and eating heaps of salt. I know i need to consult my doctor about other treatments but they dont know alot about pots and i dont have money to go to a specialist, i need help, advice, support, anything from people who have expirienced this and found any success in any type of treatments. i know i cannot live like this, all i want is to have a normal life

any advice at all would be greatly appreciated
pastthescars pastthescars
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012