For People With Loved Ones And Friends Suffering From Pots

people with any form of dysautonaumia are weak, physically, they cant do the things everyone else takes for granted. they can be anywhere from just getting excessively tired by doing the simplest of things, or they can even lack the ability to leave there bed, i am somewhere in between.

Yes, we are weak, yes, we cant do many things others can, but if there is anything i have learned in the past month from talking to other sufferers and even from myself, is that there is no one STRONGER than us, mentally, emotionally, and especially, spiritually.

people with dysautonaumia are often written of by doctors, friends, and even family. I have heard so many times people say "my doctor told me it was all in my head" and it breaks my heart, because i too have heard it time and time again, and it was almost pure luck when i was finally diagnosed. when you have dysautonomia, you KNOW something is wrong, physically, and no one listens to you, and in turn, this can even cause depression and other mental health problems, causing the doctor to ignore you even more.

to be honest, i prayed to God for something drastic to happen to me physically, so the doctors would open their eyes and believe me, and it did. for four days, the doctors could not get my heart rate under control, this was NOT an anxiety attack, i was NOT faking, and i did NOT want attention

i thank God everyday for the luck of the series of events that lined up so i could be diagnosed. it didnt have to happen, but if i hadnt sat up during the exam, if my heart rate hadnt jumped through the roof, if my doctor hadnt happened to see the monitor, i would still be sitting in the ER every few weeks getting ativan and being told it was anxiety.

People need to be more aware of dysautonomia, so people can stop being isolated and ignored. it is debilitating and miserable
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pastthescars pastthescars
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012