I Was Told I Was Crazy

I've been exhibiting symptoms all across the board for more than 10 years. Excruciating joint pain, extremely fast heart racing, dizzyness, blacking out, nausea, fatigue, you name it. Of course, they did the GI's, the EKGs, I visited arthritis physicians -- while I was still in junior high and high school. Eventually, they thought that maybe a psychiatric evaluation would be in order. My teachers began to tell other students that nothing was wrong with me. My parents even started to believe it. The depression and loneliness I felt was unbearable.
Finally, a doctor referred me to the diagnostic team in Mayo Clinic, who quickly realized that, not only did I have POTS, but mine was bad enough to be used for a case study. I'm on Midodrine, Metropylol, Vicodin, and various other vitamins, dietary changes, exercise regimens... it helps, but it hasn't fixed anything.
I have nearly unbearable "coat hanger pain" (shoulders, neck) and what seems to be moving joint pain. The joint pain isn't discomfort, it's as present as an athletic injury, preventing me from lifting or moving my limbs at times. I'm at my wits end.
Please, someone, tell me that you've found a way to deal with the pain associated with POTS. I know it's not necessarily involved in all cases, and many of you may have different/no pain, but a life in constant misery (even with the narcotics -- which I hate) is hardly quality life.
Note: I am a female in my 20s of Scandinavian decent, which he said seemed to be one of the largest concentrated groups of POTS patients.
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omg I can totally relate to you! I am 19 years old and every one was telling me this was all in my head or anxiety. noone understood what I was going through .. I was hospitalized for a variety of reasons and still no answers .. people starting accusing me of being addicted to narcotics .. but I am just on so much pain .. I have even had to drop out of school :/