Diagnosis Of Pots

The long struggle of POTS is easily the most challenging obstacle I have come upon in my life. I'm a sixteen year old kid who was looking forward to kicking someone's *** on the wrestling matt or having a walk off hit for my baseball team. Those moments are only just a dream to me now for this diagnosis has hit me hard and completely changed my runway in my high school life. It took CHOP a year and three months to finally give me an answer to my problems. It all started with acute abdominal pain that sent me to my first E.R run. No answer was found except for a rectal exam that a sixteen year old should not experience due to rectal bleeding. Eight months were dreadful since I wasn't able to eat pretty much anything. My diet consisted strangely of only popcorn which I seem to think of the salt being the answer of that. I dropped a rough 20 pounds in weight. They gave me predictions of chromes disease, meckels diverticulum, carcinoid syndrome, etc. I can't even give my readers a number of the amount of times I've been radiated, pricked, and nuclear scans. I've had doctors tell me it's all in my head, if I can make it to the bathroom I can suck it up, and I will not experiment medications with your child. I had 2 colonoscopies and an endoscopy. With no answer my doctors have come to the conclusion to have me go under for exploratory surgery and removing my appendix for the heck of it. Funny enough they found nothing except for chronic appendicitis which relieved me for an accepting 2 weeks. I was put into the hospital for maybe a week of just major acute pain I couldn't bare to handle anymore. A resident actually mentioned POTS and my older sister's doctor (she also has pots) came into see me. Finally having to wait for my appt and a long 1 year and couple months I was relieved of finally knowing what my diagnosis was, POTS.
My symptoms aren't like my older sister and actually younger sister who has it too. My biggest problem is of course headaches/migraines that can't subdue or disappear for the pat year. I also flush constantly and to this second I have one now. The flush actually goes all over my body in patches while raising my blood pressure, strangely relieving pain, but wiping me out afterwards. My blood pressure runs high with the highest being 169 over 110. I get irregular heart beats which are a pain. I feel as if I am getting heart attacks a lot but I know they are just heart palpitations. I get stomach pain just about almost every time I eat. When I get an attack I lose feeling usually in my right leg and occasionally in my left for an hour. Sometimes the numbness occur in my arm/hand. I'm up typing this at 1:15 A.M because i can't ever sleep. On top of all this I was also diagnosed with E.D.S and post concussive syndrome. Anyone who reads this please comment and share with me because instead of taking this all negatively I wish to grow up someday and help the future pots patients and be a doctor to help heal, cure, and be there for them and have them count on me to take them out of the pain that me and all of us go through. So please comment and thanks for reading my story.
BostonBeast BostonBeast
18-21, M
Dec 14, 2012