Struggling Battle

In order to win the fight, you must become not just physically stronger than your opponent but mentally stronger. My opponent in this case is pots, and pots is my enemy. Instead of resenting pots and focusing on how it negatively effected my life, I have used the syndrome as a huge learning experience in my life. As a sixteen year old I've came face to face with the nasty selfish side of society. From doctors to teacher, from parents to kids, I've became the "bigger person". The most recent moment was my health teacher who told my good friend of mine to see her ASAP. Arriving into her classroom in the morning after being sick for days, her words were professors in college aren't going to baby your sickness. What adult goes to a teenager saying that nonsense! There was no moment that I clearly asked for her sympathy when all I wanted was understanding. It's a struggle each and everyday to wake up and get out of bed. I barely get the urge to swing my feet out of bed to counter act the obstacles that pots gives me each and every minute of the day. This syndrome is a devastating illness that consists of the pondering thoughts of what will happen if I do this, am I able to do this, and why me? I have adapted to living life by the minute because each and every pots patient will know, what will happen in the next minute of time is a mystery. It's pathetic how some people in this world aren't more mature than a 16 year old kid, but pots certainly have made me act older than my own age and become the "bigger person". The people who have brought me down have been my motivation, especially the doctors who said it's all in my head. I am going to strive to become a great doctor and to treat patients, specifically kids, the care that they deserve due to the struggle that are occurring at them in that moment of time. I was a huge athlete consisting of 3 sports which were baseball, wrestling, and football. Sadly in the 6th grade I was hit by a drunk driver and have to this day back pain that certainly doesn't compare to the struggles I go through with pots. I had to give up football because of that. The doctors now have ruled me out of sports which was a tear in my heart. The actions I took from this was a focus on academics to become a person that will make a difference in society. I hope I inspired people like me who are suffering from pots to not let this syndrome get the worse of you. I know how it is to feel weak, but I hope you find the passion to rise over this acute unexplainable pain that pots inflicts on you. Also to never let a single person tell you you're wrong on how you feel, or that it's a joke because really they are the joke. I hope I was an inspiration to at least someone reading this story. Please comment and thank you for reading my story.
BostonBeast BostonBeast
18-21, M
Dec 14, 2012