In order to overcome a struggle, the biggest factor to the solution is the support around you. I am blessed for all the people who are helping me through the battle I am facing with pots. I wouldn't see any upside if it weren't for my doctor, friends, and family. Certainly my remedy of prescriptions are a needle in a haystack. My cardiologist from CHOP has told me appointment after appointment that he's not giving up on me. Also, my pediatrician has been by my side since day 1. Secondly, my friends has brighten my day and been by my side. They might not understand pots but they are there for support. I can't consider it my friend necessarily, but music has been a factor of my greatest pain reliever. I constantly listen to Christina Perri and she has become and inspiration in my life. Listening to her music when I'm in pain just drifts my mind away from the pots. I wouldn't be anywhere without the support i get from my girlfriend. She is caring and always there for me when I'm in pain and in need of help. I love her dearly and it makes me happy to have her support and understanding of my outrages i deal with the pots. My sisters who have pots are the only two people I can somewhat relate with but they have completely different symptoms from me. My grandmother who's distant has been constantly asking my mom with how I'm doing and feeling. Also her hugs can always put a smile on your face, and a smile can go a long way. My other grandmother I'm also thankful for, is always asking how I'm doing, is over when I'm crying and screeching in pain looking for a sign of relief, and is there on my bedside at the hospital and at my house suffering in pain means so much to me and I'm so lucky to have two amazing loving grandmothers. Even though he's not the most comforting my older brother is always there for me to help try to take my mind off the pain. My dad is a huge help for he tries and would do anything to take the pain away for me. He is one of my idols and I am so thankful to have an amazing my dad. I wouldn't be anywhere without the best mom in the world. She is always there for me no matter what, constantly researching meds and explanations, running me all over the place to find the doctor with the answers, and most importantly being by my side. She is the best mom any kid could ask for and her support is the best solution to my pots syndrome. I believe that the people and the environment is a huge factor to the equation of the problem. It can either make a big impact, small impact, or even negative impact. Every person needs support especially us, the people who are suffering from this devastating sickness looking for the what, why, and how to our problem. Hopefully it will come soon for all of us, but looking at the positives in your life and the people who love and care about you can mean the world to anyone. Thank you for reading and please comment your thoughts.
BostonBeast BostonBeast
18-21, M
Dec 14, 2012