Pots Has It's Grip.

This is a very, very abridged version of what I've gone through.
I'm 13 y/o. Last April (I was 12) is when crap started happening. I've been in the ER 4 times and the OR once. The first two ER visits, the hospital tried to put me on Zantac, saying I had anxiety. My parents didn't fall for that though. The third visit I went to a different hospital and they diagnosed me with pots.
My symptoms: light headedness - dizziness - cyclic vomiting syndrome - nausea - syncope - pre~syncope - brain fog - migraines - stomach migraines - fatigue - tachycardia - hypotension - ADD.
I missed about two months of school. I had a seizure in gym one day because I passed out and my brain wasn't receiving oxygen. It's one thing to have a few people know you're sick, but it's another thing entirely when you have a freaking seizure in front of about 100 kids. The rumors spread like wildfire.
I got a concussion because when I was stepping out of my car, I passed out and slammed my head on black top.
Pots has made me depressed and suicidal. it frustrates me when I read stories on here and everyone is at least three years older.
Anyway, my heart rate is usually 120-180 while resting yet has gotten as low as 30. My blood pressure is typically 60/40 but has gotten as low as 40/38.
I guess you could say I freaking hate life. Sorry, I just needed to rant.
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I've had a bunch of symptoms since I was six and i am going to be diagnosed with POTS. I wish the doctors could just fix my problem because I'm missing a lot of school. I am an Elite Athlete in Hockey and Tennis, but now I'm having trouble with symptoms during my sports. It worries me a lot because I feel like my dreams of my sports career will be ended. I have a whole team of doctors that are trying to figure out how to help me, but unfortunately none have yet. Every time they mess with my system they pratically kill me! They are too scared to even give me a vitamin now! I also had a bizarre seizure last month with a virus that is probably more crap to do with this POTS! I certainly feel like I have no quality of life, but I'm not suicidal. BTW, I'm 13 too now. Today is a good day, I'm hoping for a symptom-free day at the water park to escape this nightmare!

Even tho it's hard you gotta always remember it's not going to kill us and my doctor assures me everytime that it's not permanent. It does suck to deal with but it's making us all stronger plz never feel suicidal we can hear this we will find ways to help each other and get through it stay positive it's easier said than done by far but it'll all be ok just make sure you're at least staying hydrated, consuming salt and maybe try some physical therapy ( ill be starting within the next few weeks) but just know you're not alone we are all here to help