It's A Constant Battle

I am a 24 yr old mother who has had pots for the past 10 years or so but was recently diagnosed after feeling like a test dummy for so long.the signs have always been there but doctors always thought it was just really bad anxiety.bipolar disorder runs on both sides of my biological family so of course Ive been on every anti depressant and anxiety med you can think mother told me that I've always had a fast heartbeat but it never seemed to bother me till I got into hs.public speaking became horrible and i couldn't stand up in front of people without feeling like I was going to pass legs would get blotchy,and my feet would turn bright red in the summer and blue in the winter.sports became a challenge for me because would start to get lightheaded and had to sit out.I assumed it was just my nerves and went along with my life.then things took a turn for the worst when I was 20.I graduated beauty school and worked in a salon that required standing all day.I had noticed that I wasn't as focused as normal,lights and sounds seemed to bother me more then usual.I had to drive 25 mins to work everyday and it became hard to focus.I ended up getting to work one day and realized that the entire drive there was a blur.a lady asked me about a hair product and i couldn't comprehend what she was trying to ask...i asked for help because I couldn't count basic money and told my manager I had to go home.that day I quit because she didn't understand what I was going through.there was a period of about 3 months where I refused to work.I'd go into a store and feel like I was floating so I became to shelter myself more and more.I would describe it as feeling drunk or hungover...I went to the er a couple times for the same symptoms and all they told me is that it could be vertigo.I went home,took the medicine they gave me and nothing seemed to that time I couldn't even remember my address,or phone number.I'd drive to go to pick up food a couple streets away and end up half an hour from home and had no idea why.finally my dr told me i had lymes disease so I waited six months to see a specialist for him to tell me I didn't have enough evidence that I had it...and if I did,I was already treated next step was going to a neurologist to be tested for seizures.I had an MRI and EEG done...all came back normal.once again,I decided to go on with my life and deal with it.I still went out to the bar with my friends.then I noticed that everything got so much worse after feel drunk days later!it's like my body didn't break down alcohol.come to find out I was dehydrated!I ended up finding an excellent cardiologist.she had noticed that I have an extremely fast heart beat...anywhere from 90 to 193.I wore a monitor for 24 hrs while I cut hair at a different was horrible at times because i had to stand for long periods of time.I'd lean against the chair and pray I wasn't goin to pass feet were so red and hot.girls at worked warned me to prop up my legs and drink lots of cardiologist had told me to wear stockings,eat salty foods,switch around my diet(I'm already hypoglycemic which is common for pots patients),and stay off my feet!!!my heart rate would go from 90 to 130 almost soon as i would stand...and my blood pressure would drop upon's always been low to begin dr had told me that my blood pulls down to my leg and that i don't get enough oxygen to my brain which would explain the brain fog I have.I felt relieved knowing what it was and that i wasn't crazy!! Pots has very similar symptoms to anxiety.I felt lightheaded,had headaches,tremors,gained phobias of going out,couldn't stand,had problems taking hot showers,lost my vision and could hardly hear,had discolored feet and legs,felt sluggish and weak,felt achy,and I had gained depression.i didn't find out a treatment that worked well for me really so I dealt with friends and family were vary supportive at last!.my symptoms went away completely when I got pregnant at 23.I had a dr that told me that pregnancy may reduce symptoms but that wasn't my plan at the time lol.I could finally stand at work all day long.things were great!...until 4 months into pregnancy my mother had a massive heart attack in front of me as she walked in our apartment whole life had changed in front of me and I suddenly gained more stress then I could handle...well I made it through my pregnancy and ended up having a beautiful baby boy.he's a life saver and kept me going symptoms came back though!I am so tired all the time and lack of sleep doesn't the time I do everything for my son I'm exhausted.I feel bad for my bf because he does everything lol...guess i Wouldn't make the best house wife.I can't even seem to go back to work because i gained a huge phobia of passing out.when I drive I start to get lightheaded and have to pull over.he tends to drive me places most always,and I don't go out alone either.standing in line sucks!.it tends to make me depressed and I want to sleep all day.once again one of my Drs put me on an anti was like taking a sugar pill at first...I'd wake up super early and stay up but I can't fall asleep at night,if I do I wake up every 2 hrs or so...and I lost my appetite.I'm already 100 pounds so I can't afford to lose anymore weight dr decided to give me seroquel but I'm very skeptical because I don't know how it would help my pots.last time I went to the Drs my heart rate was 140 resting...and my blood pressure was 100/60 with all the medicine I take.I take .25'midodrine 3 times a day,10 mgs of inderol 2 times a day to slow my heart rate,and 150mgs of wellbutrin xl once a day.another drug really scares me and its all too expensive.the only other thing i do is go to therapy every week to deal with the phobias I've gained in the past few yrs from's so difficult finding the right treatment and it's so tiring.sometimes I want to go off all my meds and forget about it,but I can't give up.I just want to be able to work right now but it seems so hard for me.I'm disabled from doing the one thing was trained to do.I have a 7 month old I need to get better for.having a positive attitude makes everything so much's nice being able to relate to others and know that I'm not alone.
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Hello. I was recently diagnosed with POTS. What does it feel like when you get 'drunk' I have alot of the same episodes and wanted to compare notes. If you want, you can message me. Thanks(: