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Just Found Out I Have Pots

im a 14 year old girl,
well today i found out i have pots...
ive had it for about 2years but a doctor just told me i had it,
its really hard for me ... i blackout everytime i take shower.
i have to measure the sodium and sugar and protein i eat in every meal...
i get really really shaky ... i lose balence alot... i get really dizzy...
its alot more and i hate dealing with it all .. i feel like no one understands me.
when the teacher calls me up to write something on the board i say "i cant." and then he said "yeah you can or you can get out my classroom" i dont wanna say i feel like passing out in front of all my friends and i end up getting sent out... its so hard because when i dont feel good in school...
i cant walk to the nurse because i will fall over (no balence)
advice anyone? ):
foreverlove416 foreverlove416 13-15, F 2 Responses Feb 5, 2013

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Hey I'm 15, I'm pretty ill with it and been in Bristol children's and great Ormomd street with it for 4 months! I'm an expert on it! You need to drink as much water as possible! 3 litres a day would be a good target.. The sodium and protein don't play a big part, but definitely increase your salt intake! Don't let it stop you from getting up and doing things, because the less physical activity you do the more ill you will get because your heart will get weaker and have to work ten times harder! I've been lying flat for 3 months now and I've been so ill, my autonomic failure has kicked In and now when I faint I stop breathing and stuff, and you don't want to get to that point! Don't let this beat you, you can smash it! If these things don't work go back to your doctor and suggest midodrine and fludrocortisone to your docs, go and see a rheumatologist and find out if you have elders-danlos syndrome (a hyper mobility illness that is often the cause of pots) if you do have it AVOID beatablockers, if not atenolol can be useful:) hope I helped x

Are you on any meds? What did your doc suggest you do?