Does anybody have really bad period symptoms when on their period? Every time I get my period I am screaming and crying because my cramps are so bad. I'm only 14 and it's been like this since I got it. It sucks.
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ugh me too. im suffering right now

I always have the absolute worst period cramp and this is a personal question, but when were you first diagnosed?

I had really bad symptoms on my period too and I also had an increase in POTS episodes when I was on my period. My doctor put me on a type of birth control that allows yo to only have have you period every 3 months and it helped A LOT!

Well I haven't had mine in 3 years but I have pots and they say that is why!!!! 😜

You are very lucky then!!

I used to have really bad periods until I went on birth control and now cramps are nonexistent

I am 29 and have always had horrific periods . I have called the ambulance a couple of times

Yes, I feel horrible when I have my cycle.