Success!!! Quote From Girl Who Just Finished Dr Levine's Treatment Protocol For Pots

 "I just completed a POTS study in Dallas , Texas . It is an exercise study in which they take you off all of your medications and put you on a specialized exercise regimen. It starts with all seated exercises like the cardio rowing machine, recumbent bike and swimming. It then moves you to the upright bike, elliptical, walking, and jogging. This is over a 3 month period.

4 months later, I do not have POTS. I knew this because I did not feel symptomatic but I now feel I can write about it because the tests confirmed what I had already known. I had a 2 hour standing test and a tilt test which all confirm this to be true."

Kayla from Stony Brook University
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I just found this site after being in bed for a day or two. My cardiologist is in "the process of diagnosising all of my telltale symptoms within the office visit" then my insurance is CUT! She won't help untill they rule out an embolism, yada, yada. I have lost my daughter bc I can't care for myself let alone her. I am physically, mentally, emotionlly at my wits end. I'm ready to just leave this earth. No one gets it. Anyone with any suggestions? Please help.

Congratulations! My daughter was recently diagnosed with POTS and physical therapy is at the top of her treatment list. I hope you continue to be symptom free.

I was just diagnosed with POTS as well. I was told by my dr at the Mayo clinic to eat salt and mild exercise and time will tell if I will get better. I am so frustrated I have two small children and I went from running marathons to not being able to go downstairs. I would love to get any information that works!! Pls

What is thedifference between POTS and OI??

Sorry forgot to say he has been diagnosed with POTS Syndrome.

I am in the UK looking for help for my very active Son. Or should I say was he was really fit and now is reduced to nothing. Who can we get the exercise regime from.

Wow! That is amazing! I was diagnosed with POTS 3yrs ago and at one point I was able with medication to feel up to exersize but after a few months my symptoms were too bad and I was told to stop. Even though I did feel better doing it initially. My Cardiologist still has to refer to another Specialist on the exact treatment. Have been on Ivabradine and now I am to take with it an anti depressant that aparently supports the automatic nervous system and helps with symptoms. I'm really interested in trying other means to get myself better. I'm only 32yrs and still want to achieve alot more and do more travel. Thanks for this info. Take Care :)

Hi there - I know it really sucks to feel so crappy but there IS HOPE. <br />
Option 1)<br />
Check out my exercise page at and then contact me again and I can answer your questions and give additional info. Please let me know if you have been diagnosed with POTS or OI and that your doctor supports an exercise regime and there isn't another health issue that would prevent you from exercising. <br />
OR<br />
Option 2)<br />
If you have a positive diagnosis of POTS contact Dr. Levine's research team. Contact info can be found on ;-)

is there anyway you can give more information on the exercise plan. i am quite desperate at this point in my life and cannot go on like this any longer.