High School Freshman Year Through Present

I started to get stomach pain my first year of high school and it continued through the following year until they finally figured out that I was missing all of the good bacteria that you get from eating yogurt. Anyway while in the process of finding out what was wrong with me, they said I had acid reflux, stress, an ulcer, etc... That wasn't the case because everything they gave me to try didn't work. I had two endoscopies and a colonoscopy done and they couldn't find anything wrong other than my intestines have "L" shaped corners and that could be causing some discomfort. After solving my stomach pain for two years, I started getting it again and this time it was worse and my heart started to race, I was having chest pain, and I was feeling very off balanced and dizzy. I saw about three or so cardiologists and then the last one I saw referred me to Mayo Clinic in Rochester because he figured that I might have POTS or something close to it. One year ago from January I was diagnosed with POTS. I always wondered why everytime I stood up or was standing up for a long period of time I got light-headed or dizzy and might heart started to race and my chest would hurt. I would then have to sit down and lie down until it stopped. My episodes could last from minutes to hours. I saw a doctor who I knew was going to help me any way he could since the day we first met. He ordered a lot more tests (by this time I was used to all of the tests because this would be the fourth year that I was sick) and when all of the tests came back he diagnosed me with POTS, Lymphedema, and a Vitamin D defficiency. Lymphedema just means that from the knees down my legs swell from the blood pooling in my legs because my blood follows gravity. The vitamin D was because since I am a red head I didn't spend much time in the sun. Since I was diagnosed I have had my good days and my bad days but I make it through them no matter how hard they might be. Everytime I get sick with a cold or the flu it will last only for a few days but then my symptoms for my POTS will become worse and it feels like I start back where I started a year ago. After everything that has happened with my POTS I feel that I have improved a lot and am pushing even harder because, now, my pain nerves are telling me that I am in pain even though I am not. It is so hard to push myself to keep going but it is worth every minute because every time I push myself to do exercise, sleep, drink lots of fluids, or walk I feel a lot better afterward and I end up not hurting at all.

ilovemyman4ever ilovemyman4ever
18-21, F
Feb 27, 2010