My Life With Postural Tachycardia Syndrome

living with this condition is heart breaking and terrifying,having living with this for three years ,but only recently been diagnosed and treated,i had what i would call cold feet and hands ,rapid hear beats then colapsed so many times a day i eventually would end up hospitalised, been left on a medical bed because no one knew what was going on being told countless times this was in my head untill one day when i was rushed into hospital they caught my heart racing to 177bpm while lying down ,i was resusitated ,and heart machines were attached to me for 48 hours i couldnt believe what had happend ,didnt want to believe it the hospital were amazing the tests and everything  showed  that i had pots,at this stage i wascollapsing 3 times a day,but i was noput on medication straight away ,i was left for 9 months with no medication having to be brought round after collapsing 4 times a day i was in despair,i had to get help from my drs to refer me back to the hospital for treatment,its been heart breaking for my young children ,im determined that this condition should be known to others as its a very rare

mina6 mina6
36-40, F
Mar 8, 2010