I Have Central Precocious Puberty...

My mother knew what it was before anything actually happened, so fortunately I didn't end up going through the puberty. At the age of 3, I began taking medication to treat CPP and slow down the rate of puberty. I was EXTREMELY tall at that age, I don't remember how tall exactly, but when my sister was 6 she had finally reached my height at the age of three. Anyway... I had to get shots every 4 weeks to get the medication, and being so young made it pretty difficult. It was really scary, bur I'm sure not as scary as it was for those of you that actually DID end up beginning puberty at that age... The medication that I took to treat it REALLY slowed down my aging process, and I had to continue it until my bone age was only within a few months of my actual age (it was always super high...) When everybody else was going through puberty at 12 and maturing and getting breasts, I still looked like a chubby, baby-faced 7 year old who didn't belong in 7th grade. Today, I'm 14 (almost 15), still a chubby, baby-faced girl that appears to be a 9-year-old that can't seem to get rid of her baby fat. It always makes me extremely insecure, knowing I'm not as "skinny" or "matured" as the other girls, although I've already gone through puberty. I'm a 4'10", 125 pound, thick built, A cup girl... Not the best combination... Every day I'm a walking insecurity, never feeling good enough because of the way I look... I've even had a few girls at school say that I, and I quote, "looks like a 5-year-old girl who likes a gay guy!" People can be jerks... Sorry, this is turning into my pity story.. Anyway, CPP has had a big affect on me, one that will always make me feel insignificant, but has made me the intelligent, non-judgmental person I am today. Never give up and always believe in yourself! <3
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I had CPP too. I'm just wondering, but how tall are you now?