I'm Not Sure What They Are..

I'm not sure where to start or how to explain..but around 15 I had a dream that I ended up having three more times between 15-16; when i was 17 that specific reoccuring dream came true.....from 17 on  I started having very clear dreams about rather upsetting situtions I had found myself in. I often woke up after thoes dreams in panic because I was thourougly convinced they were actually happening at the time. I also have hundreds of little...deja vu's if you will....it's all really strange and really hard to explain...they don't come to me in any specific order and I've never been able to recognize any one individual dream as "precognitive" until, at earliest, maybe a few moments before the actual event occurs. these dreams range in subject from the actual event of meeting my ex husband to my new love interest calling it quits. They usually happen months, even years before the actual event and only on one occasion (the most recent one) has is been within a few days of said event. the fact that i havnt been able to single these 'special' dreams out is really what's bothering me. I would like to test the theory that these are in fact dreams about the future or if they're simply a product of unconscious perception or simple self-fulfilling prophecy . I've only told maybe three or four people my whole life. mainly because it makes me feel crazy so I'm also assuming it makes me look crazy. It also bothers me that I can't specifically incite these dreams either..I usually have control over my life but this is one aspect of it where i just have no idea what to do...has anyone ever experienced dreams like this? Can anyone help me figure out what's going on? 
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that's a good idea. and it often can be memorie carried over frm previous cycles. timelines very similar have happened

Well, you are not crazy :) because I know exactly what you are talking about, and I'm not crazy. The human mind is very powerful, and perhaps our sense of time is defined by our conscious but not the subconscious. I treat precognitive dreams as if they are memories of things that has already occurred in a different time. ( whether the past or future) if you think of it that way perhaps it will not bother you as much.

Chances are, in my opinion, you're one of many people this happens to. I get it from time to time as well as my husband. It's more common than you might guess, most people deny it though. You need to accept it as a part of who and what you are. It seperates you from normal people, yes, but only a little, and it also makes you one of the special people. Explore it and never fear it