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I have precognitive dreams. The one that sticks in my mind the most is when I dreamed of playing tennis with a new partner months before I even met the girl, and I didn't realize the dream was the future until the moment that the game I saw in my dream was actually happening. I usually don't notice until the event is actually happening. I get the impression most people don't know which dreams will "come true" either. It'd be really nice to know that, just to know what to expect. Or win the million for having evidence of "supernatural" ability. I keep a dream journal, at first it was just to record my cool dreams and help me have lucid dreams more often. Now I really like that I can just flip through it and say "yep, I wasn't just imagining that earlier, I did dream it!" Of course, it would be hard to prove to someone else since dreams are so tied to your individual senses, especially visual.

If it is a precognitive dream, for me it is always something mundane; Like short scenes of ordering at restaurant, or my view of a new place, or some short conversation that isn't particularly interesting. Of course, since it is my life I wouldn't see anything too special. If I ever did see something really interesting, that happened somewhere else, I wouldn't be able to confirm it as anything more than a dream. Despite the slight creepiness have having them I like these dreams second only to lucid dreams, because I think they are really cool and gives me a feeling of being special. I don't have them that often though; only a handful a year since I was 14.
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Have you ever had a chain dream which comes true? Because I have one which is coming true. It happened when I was twelve and I dreamt of this red haired girl who I met a 6 months after the dream. Shortly after I met her I ran away from school from stress and other reasons which I won't go into in case I offend someone.<br />
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I also had various other small dreams of which some were just sound and others were as vivid as real life.