My Precognitive Dream

Not everybody has had a precognitive dream that they remember, but many do. And I do!!...a déjà vu is the shadow of such colossal events in human consciousness. A part of me just skipped the time/space continuum to check out what it will be doing in some later date. Seldom controlled, these dreams are spontaneous, faint and ghost like.

I may wake up having full memory of them, but that quickly fades. And in the thoughts that a dream might be precognitive, such clear memory tends not to hold any precognitive value. These ones from my opinion are the hardest, and most stealthy of the dreams for our consciousness to behold. And for probably a good reason as we probably aren't ready for that knowledge until something in us decides that we are. If you have ever observed your waking state, you'll notice that your body with all of it's senses records your reality and stores this recording into memory as time progresses.

Occasionally as a precognitive dreamer, it is like a record has just skipped and i am playing the same verse over again. If i remember the dream, and have a clear memory the accuracy can scare me(if it is ba dreams). These dreams can hold an eerie 100% accuracy down to the finest of details. Even to the details i think is totally spontaneous like my own inner contemplation and emotions.
Like my dream that i am at the bus stop that i have never been before and  lady in a pink blouse and blue pants walks up to me and asks me where this way going to.She thanks me and walks off.... i wake up, remember this clearly and let it slip back into my sub-conscious memory banks.
Months later, Im in a summer Class at the University. I am waiting for a bus in front of  the university, and a lady came and asks , where this way going to. I respond and tell her the way, but this time i suddenly have a flash of déjà vu. Something really familiar about that woman, the place, the time. I struggle with how i could know this and with some luck, i remember my dream. It was so clear at the time, and both the memory of the dream and the physical event map over each other like a perfect glove.

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To me, precognitive dreams are memories of events that have already transpired in another time. (future time) While our physical body and all physical matters are constrained by the rules of a linear unidirectional time, our subconscious is not. The identity of "I" defines where we are supposed to be, who we are, and when we are. As we sleep, our subconscious slips away from these constraints. <br />
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The most difficult part of precognitive dream is not having them, but rather how to capture them and remember them after we wake up. Also, precognitive dreams need to be able to be independently verified by 3rd parties. It's difficult to be ob<x>jective in evaluating our own memories with our own life experience through our own eyes, making our own conclusions. :) Just my 2 cents.