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I find it really strange that I still can't find anyone else that has precognative dreams like I do. I have had them since January ofthis year and they're still playing out I am concupiscence and aware of them. Am I the only one? It bothers me that I can find such little support for this. I just want to feel normal but I guess what I expirience is highly abnormal. I wonder what its all leading up to because for me my life sort of sucks I'm 18 years old and have been through numerous drug treatment programs I have been to 6 places in the past 3 months my life is crazy and the precognition helps me keep my sanity in check. Anyone who is like me please contact me.
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This is probably the only non crackpot site on the internet where people are discussing such stuff. Yes it does test ones sanity doesnt it. Tell us more.

Everyone's dreams are a little different.

It's perfectly normal to have precognitive dreams, millions of people all over the world have them, so please don't worry that they might be some kind of anomaly. If you read more about them on the Internet, you will see just how common they are. :)

Yes, however, for every seemingly honest online account of precognitive dreaming, their a nutjob doing original armchair speculation about spirit guides and god knows what else. That's why taking one's own experiences seriously requires a tremendous amount of intellectual maturity.