My Strange Gift

ever since i was probably around the age of six i could see things that would happen before it actually happen and at that time i never actually knew what it meant i figured more or less it was just dreams. but recently know that i've gotten older i realizes there were more to my "so called dreams i began to realize that they were things i saw before; but would happen eventually sometimes depending on what i saw? and one day it does hit me i can see the future in my dreams but i never really told anyone about it. were do i start i must admit my visions are quite frequent for instance i had visioned that someone in my family was going to die(unfortunately) and like tree days or more maybe it actually happen i just saw that person in particular dying but sometimes i do not see specifically how it happen but it did and i knew about it and the funny thing was i did not know that realitive until the funeral i was surprise really i was like wait i saw this person before it was a distant cousin of mind i saw died before he did die strange huh. and that not the half of it i have also seen many things some good some not so good
freddyjk freddyjk
18-21, M
Dec 13, 2012