When I Saw My First Precognitive Dream

It happened when I was in my 6th grade. When my exams finished, we started planning where should we go. So we came up with nothing, because we were so confused. That night I saw a place somewhat like a Temple (Mandir). Everything was so clear and so different than I actually saw in my life till date. And there I saw am ascetic sitting there, and as far as i remember I saw him for the first time in my life. As I've read a few articles, we see familiar faces in our dreams, but in my case I see people whom I don't know.
So when I woke up , next morning my folks decided to visit "Naina Devi" (a Hindu temple). Believe me when i saw that place it was exactly the same, every single thing was the same, except for the people. While in my dream I saw that ascetic and me only. And where I saw that ascetic , he was exactly the same, sitting at that very same place. And when I was passing by him, he asked me my name, I told him so. And when he heard my name, he smiled at me and said "very good". After that I moved on.
This is how my experience of Precognitive Dreams started, and it's never ending . Though it wasn't that frequent as it is now.
But I am sure its not Déjà vu, as it is told by my friends, but it is something that my dreams tell me that it's going to happen.
sweetdamsel sweetdamsel
22-25, F
Dec 14, 2012