Precognitive Or Just Symbolic?

In sixth grade I started having very vivid dreams. I didn't think much of them at the time (mostly because they scared me). Then I had a dream where I had just gotten back from a youth camp and I went out to take a walk. On my walk I saw two golden retrievers and then the dream skipped and instead of seeing those two dogs I saw a giant black dog at night about to attack me. as it was attacking me I felt like I was choking. When I woke up I still felt like I was choking. I never really thought about this dream again, until this year.
This past summer, after I had gotten back from a youth camp this dream almost played out to a T. Towards the end of my walk I randomly remembered the dream and when I looked up there was the black dog and as soon as it saw me it started running towards me barking and growling and ready to attack. I wanted to run away as fast as I could cause I knew how it would end. But instead I stood firm in one spot and let the dog get close to me and somehow was slowly able to move away from it until it ran off.
Ever since then, dreams that I had when I was in sixth grade are coming true and other dreams that I have had closer to the present are coming true. So, how can I tell if the dream is actually going to happen or if its just symbolic?
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Even if a dream is symbolic, it is still precognitive. The difference is that in this case the house or tree or river etc. are representing situations or psychic facts, but even so these situations and psychic facts are going to happen. Now, determining whether an element in a dream is symbolic or concrete demands a little practice. One characteristic that points to a concrete element is the physical sensations you experience when you interact with it. Another is that the dream generally disconcerts, intrigues or alarms the dreamer, but not exactly the way a nightmare does; you tend to wonder why you dreamed about that. The situations shown, though almost always distorted to a lesser or greater extent, are also more plausible than the ones represented in symbolic dreams.

i had many many such dreams which came true in later life
the very first was when i was about age 5.i see in the dream that i am looking out of a glass window ,and i see boats out in water at some distance .though at that time i was not staying any where near any water i am exactly in such a place ,and every day i see what i saw in my dream
some dreams saved me road accidents ,while other dreams told me about my future children .i believe in dreams