I Have Precog Dreams

My fiancé and I were addicted to pills a few years ago. I've only had dreams like this about our relationship... Usually i would dream that he was using, and i would wake up and what i dreamed would actually happen, just like a play by play. It completely freaks me (and him!) out.

The dream I'm about to tell you about happened right before we went to treatment.

One night, I was so sick, detoxing, and he went to the store for food, and I fell asleep on the bed. I dreamt I heard the car pull up outside our apt., ( our bedroom was right next to the laundry room, which had a back door that opened to our parking spot) so the dream was of me laying in bed, hearing the car pull up, I laid there, waiting for him to come inside, getting annoyed that he was taking so long. I saw in the dream, he walks in with bags in one hand, the cell phone cradled between his shoulder and ear, keys in the other hand, his mom will be on the other line, he won't say anything to me at first, he goes into the kitchen, sets down the food, comes back into the bed room, and he will say the following... I dont remember now what it was, but then we argue, i asked him if he was at his moms and if he was high, he denies it but later admits it. Suddenly I woke up, and heard the car pull up. It turned off, I heard the car door shut, I became annoyed he was taking so long, he came inside with bags in one hand, keys in the other, cell phone cradled between ear and shoulder, talking to his mom. He walks into the kitchen, sets bags down, comes into our bedroom, says what I heard him say in the dream, we begin arguing like I had just seen, I ask him if he was at his moms and if he was high, like I did in the dream. He denies, but later admits, just like in the dream. When I told him about this, later after he had sobered up, we both were confused and a little nervous. It's been happening ever since. I get a pre-cog dream that he's high or using, and in real life it happens just like in the dream. We both are now clean, and I no longer have the dreams, haven't in almost two years.
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This kind of dream never fails to surprise the dreamer. Once I dreamed that I was talking with my boss over the phone, when he asked for my opinion about a subject, and I gave him an exact answer that probably I would have never thought of in real life. At this moment, the phone rang and I woke up... It was my boss. I told him about the dream, we talked for a few minutes...and when he asked me the same question as in the dream, I started to laugh. I said to him, "I will give you the same opinion I gave in the dream." In my view, dreams of this kind show that time doesn't exist, only our perception of it.

Interesting! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)