I have always had a very strong "gut feeling". Even when from when I was very young. Recently, my life has gone through major turmoil that has caused my dreams to accelerate beyond vivid. Each new dream I have is more realistic than the last. If i'm shot I can feel it. If i eat something I can taste it.

Then innocent dreams turned into nightmares. Almost every night I am plagued with them, resulting in lack of sleep. I have come to hate going to bed keeping myself up late though my body aches for rest. The worst part has been watching some of them come true. Right now, my mom's boyfriend is going through a divorce. Her boyfriend's (hopefully soon to be) ex-wife, Crissy, has made it her mission to destroy our lives.

I used to have horses (notice the past tense). This woman is friends with our sheriff. So of course she has the power (as well as the money) to have them come to our house and illegally seize our horses for animal cruelty. It was one of the most devastating moments my life has ever seen. How would you like them to take the horses you've had your whole life and weren't just your friends but your family? Before this I dreamed there was a huge barn in the backyard of my dad's house (my parents are divorced and me and my dad no longer talk). Inside were all of my horses and my sister, Lindsay. The barn was set up like a court. The case was over animal cruelty of the horses. The judge was about to rule the case in my favor. But then Crissy walked in the door; immediately the judge changed his mind and gave them over to the SPCA. Crissy grabbed Lindsay and left.

After my horses were seized in real life, I examined every detail of this dream. The reason the barn was in my dad's backyard was because it was my dad's idea. My own dad had implanted the idea in Crissy's brain. And the law listened to Crissy and had no ears for my side-representing the judge dropping all the evidence just because she had the money to bribe. Lindsay is also not my biological sister. She is Crissy's and my mom's boyfriend's daughter. She hates her mother and later on that year she was also ruled to go live with her mom with a restraining order on all members of my family.

This is only one experience. And not all of my 'feelings' or 'premonitions' occur during my dreams. Sometimes I can just predict small things. I can look at a person and have a feeling that our lives will one day cross. (I have predicted boyfriends in this way) I can tell who is calling me or pick up my phone when a text is about to come through when I'm not expecting one. I can tell if someone will get in trouble or not based on my 'feelings'.

Though I don't consider myself psychic, I do believe I am sensitive to an incredible insight.

Blondie94 Blondie94
18-21, F
Feb 14, 2010