Not To Big A Problem Anymore

over the last 14 yrs about i have had times where i cam fast or before we even really got started.i had moments where girls would touch me and i would *** instantly but i was young then i'm 27 now and i dont really have that problem anymore,but it may happen once in awhile i may last a few minutes but when im ready for a 2nd go at it i will last long enough for us both.
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Dude if you still have issues with this, or for anyone else who is reading and has the same problem, there is so much you can do to last longer. You can take instant fixes like special condoms, sprays, creams or pills. You can take steps like see to yourself an hour before being with your partner. Or you can look into long-term training techniques, which take some time but help in the long-run.
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i dont like condoms that much.i should have used them when i was younger to make me less sensitive i would have lasted longer. then these days i may *** fast if i havent had sex in a while.but normally i dont *** fast anymore but there are times when it happens

How fast do you ***? Try wearing a condom or think about what's for dinner, take your mine away from you are doing then bring it back when you are ready to ***!!

that is quite true

Practice makes perfect!