Another Sub-30 Sec.

Another sub-30 second experience tonight. After penetrating, only was able to thrust once or twice before I could tell it was going to go fast. Was able to get about 10 or so more slow thrusts in. Usually, I can time it right and get in as deep as I'm able to when *******. This time it sort of came while i was thrusting, so it sort of squished all around myself.
rave756 rave756
4 Responses Jul 31, 2010

Rave756 - the only thing that has worked for me is to jack off an hour or so before we have sex (of course you cannot always plan it that way). The other thing is that sometimes in the morning when I first wake up if I last longer (not sure why).

have tired ******* off during the day before having sex that night, have tried avoiding ******* off all week - haven't noticed a difference. She would notice if I wore a condom, and probably ask why.

That's a bummer man, ever try to ******* before getting into the sack? and or wearing a condom or two? Nobody will know, and it could pick up you ego a bit!<br />
You have this all the time?

I totally know how that is. The last time I had sex with my wife I actually shot my load while thrusting into her fully as we started.