Last Only A Few Strokes

well i was 18 and i was at a trina featured lil kim and missy elliot and timberland.well i was in the front row and lil kim was rapping with trina.lil kim pointed to me and took ahold of my hand and led me on stage it was awesomwe they were both rappin and dancing around me.lil kim undid my shorts and let them fall to the stage there i was standing on stage in just my saw my penis was rock hard and she started rappin about puttin that big **** to work on this ***** .as she was grindin me trina was at my side she ran her hand down my chest over my stomache to my underwear.her hand slipped into my briefs.she slowly started strokin me my penis was out of my briefs as she stroked it .i remeber the crowd goin wild .but then i cam and only after 5 strokes i will say.the crowd burst to laughter along with lil kim and trina then they started rappin one minute man.i was led off stage after the song was over. i never went to another concert again
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5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I feel your pain dude. but hey all those people laughing in the crowd didn't get jacked off by one of the hottest chicks ever in my opinion.

All I know is if I had been in the crowd, I would have *** just watching it.

i wouldnt have cared to much if i was home and it happened but that sucks i just finally went to another concert yesterday .what really sucked i was with a group of friends to and i told them that i heard lil kim likes to pull guys on stage .i told my friends if i got pulled onstage i would rock lil kim and trinas world.well i guess i did but not the way i meant

yeah it was awesome but embarrassing its not like it happen in a bed it happened on stage

OMG is this a real story???? Holy **** I'd probably kill myself! I am so sorry dude. But it you really got off with lil kim on stage in front of thousands of people, who cares if you pumped you gump in a few seconds....What an awesome experience!