******** - Private Lap Dance

Many years ago, had a group of buddies and all of us had turned 21 except for 1 guy. For the last guy, we decided to throw a birthday bash for him when he turned 21 - really an excuse for us to have a party. The plan was to play some card, plenty of liquor of course, and while the group had been to ***** clubs before, a private party is something we never had. So I made some contacts and hired a ******** to come out during the party. I think we agreed on $200 for 2 hour. I would host at my apartment at the time which had a big living room area.

We of course were all drinking, in fact I had to slow people down, didn't want anybody passed-out drunk before the ******** arrived. She was wearing a track suit, then took that off to reveal her costume - impossibly short skirt and some type of glittery halter top type thing. She pretty much got right into it, sitting down with the birthday boy and chatting him up for a minute. She asked us to start up music and then gave him a lap dance, then did kind of a mini-stage show for us (no, didn't have a ******** pole installed) and then gave each guy a sort of teasing lap dance. She then played some 'games' for tips, things like getting a chance to eat whip cream off of her ****, and then lap danced each guy who would pay her an extra tip. She was hot, no doubt, but the mood was more of a hanging out with the guys, kind of half paying attention to the girl if she wasn't dancing on you. Until she came and started lap dancing me as I was sitting down in a chair. She had this way of rubbing against me, and her perfumed smell just drew me in. I slipped her a $20 to keep her dancing with me for awhile, then she was on the next.

When 2 hours was up, she went around and gave a few hugs, then gathered up a gym bag she had brought with her. All kind of hazy because I was buzzing from dringking. She asked who was the host, and I said I was, getting the jist that it was time to pay her the $200. I said I would go get it from my bedroom. She follows me back to the bedroom and as I was getting the money out, she asks if I wanted a private lap dance. I said something like 'what would that cost?' and she says "$100 and I'll take care of you". I don't recall that we agreed what "take care of me" meant, but either way I said I wanted the dance. Single guy with minimal bills, buzzing drunk, i probably would've dropped more than than.

I turn on a stereo and selected a CD then sat down on a futon bed while she closed the door. When the first song started, she started in a lapdance on me, doing the thing where i spread my legs and she rubs her body on my inner thighs. She took off her top again, and was rubbing her chest up against me all the way up to teasingly close to my face. Then the latter half of the song she climbed on top of my while i was seated and grinded her crotch on my legs than up to the bulge in my jeans. At that point, I was throbbing hard while she spends a good 30 seconds grinding her ***** lips against my bulge and had probably pre-cummed a bit.

When that song ended, she nudged me to laydown, then straddled me as the next song started. She then reached up and undid my belt and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down to about mid-thigh on me. I was breathing hard by then She then caressed me through my underwear, kind of tracing the shape of my **** and stroking it through them a few times. We could both see my **** pulsing upward through through the fabric and she rubbed along it. She then pulled down my underwear to just below the bottom of my ****. She wrapped her thumb and index finger around the head and slowly stroked down to the base of my shaft - I let out a visible grunt when she held it there for a second. Her eyes were intently watching mine and she started to form a mischievious smile. She then lifted her hand off and again wrapped it around the head and slowly stroked down to the base of my shaft. By the time she got to the bottom, I had grunted again, tightened my *** and glutes and thrusted up. She looked at me with a kind of sympathetic look and said, "just tell me when you need to ***". As soon as she said that, I was just able to whimper out, "I need to ***". She then started a quick stroke up and down, 1, 2, 3 and then my *** was dribbling out on to my stomach. She just held my **** at the base of the shaft on the 3rd stroke for a few seconds until the last drops appeared.

After a few seconds of me throbbing, she lifted her hand, looked at her fingers to make sure there wasn't any *** on them, and matter-of-factly asked me "All done?". I must've just nodded as she climbed off me and started dressing. i had to use a bed sheet to wipe the *** off my stomach and **** and then got up myself. As she got on her track suit that she arrived in, I got out the $200 for her night + the $100 for my private lap dance. "Anything else?" she asked, and I shook my head and sheepishly said, "thank you" and she left.

When I got back out to the party, nobody realy noticed I was gone, but I later confessed what had happened.

I've thought about the night and basically paying $20 per stroke for a *******. I've wondered if she ever made that kind of money so fast.
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May 11, 2012