Finally, cured. When I don't *********, I don't ********* prematurely! I found a way to ****** without ***********. I know it sounds weird, but it's actually quite easy. Now instead if blowing my wad every time, I have an ****** without blowing my wad. I stay hard and enjoy more *******, as many as I want in fact.
Best cure ever IMHO. I learned from a book. Love Satisfies by Keepitup Johnson. $15 from!

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Thanks for sharing. I believe PE is most common with tiny males. I am training myself to not e*jaculate any more. I will view that video. Thanks

Would like to chat with you about this if you are willing. Thanks

Yes. The key for me is two-fold,

1. transform lust into love
Lust is heavy energy and just wants to *** out. I stopped fantasizing and thinking of the female body as a sex object.

2. I lift my sexual energy out of my groin,
Love is light and can flow up the spine, lust is heavy and flows out of the penis.

Once all the energy flows up and in, it's not demanding to flow down and out.
There's a brief youtube video listed under male multiple ******* part 2, Keepitup Johnson
The book by Keepitup Johnson - Love Satisfies is good, it's $15, and it shares a cure for PE from Masters and Johnson that worked 98% of the time with 11,000 men.
For more info about the male multiple ****** (dry *******) you could also view a DVD called Maxwell Multiple Climax by Brandon Maxwell it's $30
Peace light and love

Interesting theory would llike to learn more