I Have Pramature ***********.

I have never lasted more than a minute with a woman. Nothing I do helps.

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well us a kid no wonder

you are for sure a sweet, comprensive woman. quality like this are appreciated at least in the same measure of an hot body

I had that problem for years ,then I solved it for real and Iam a normal guy now <br />
I struggle to get to to that point...and that is a lot of difference .

I work for a major cable network that is casting real-life individuals for its educational medical series. The series aims at shedding light on all sorts of sexual mysteries, conditions, and practices. It explores a range of topics from rare medical conditions to unique fetishes.<br />
We hope to feature an episode about people experience premature ***********. We are currently seeking an individual who be willing to share their experience as part of the show.<br />
<br />
We know that for some people out there *********** prematurely has impacted their lives significantly. Some may even consider it an embarrassment or something that has burdened their physical and intimate relationships. Through this show, we hope to highlight the difficult issues that a man who prematurely ********** has to face in his daily life.<br />
<br />
If you have an interesting story and would like to share it with television audiences, please contact us at strangesexcasting@gmail.com

Blondheat, your answer gives us hope!<br />
thank you thank yoU!

If it is any consolation, my husband comes in about like three strokes. It rarely lasts more than 20 seconds. Sometimes just brushing my outer lips will do it. So don't think you the only one's. (He has a short penis too, most times it is less than 5" fully erect.) And we are still happily married. So try not to worry about being inadequate for your wife or G/F. I mean just because I seek fulfillment of my needs and find satisfaction in the arms of other men does not necessarily mean that she will. *grin*


That is cruel....
At least you should be honest and let him go, not let him think you love him....
Poor guy...

There are many creams available now as others have suggested which go a long way to reducing instances of prem ***********.<br />
<br />
Check out Coolmann delay gel and Stud 100 spray !!! Both will help you enjoy yourself more :D<br />
<br />

ill have to look into for my spouse he is 62 and comes in 5 mins ugggg i ddnt think at that age men sufferee from p/e

I have pe too & i am 40 so... It's common js. But obviously no less embarrassing

Man I am with you! I got premature *********** too but I get rid of it 3 years ago! There is one article and if you are interested in ways how to get rid of premature *********** then read it! http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=1740943

You'll have to please her in other ways then. Using your tongue perhaps.

wearing multiple condoms,<br />
creams,<br />
stop-starting,<br />
jacking off before,<br />
thinking about sports