I Am 22 And I Have Premature Ovarian Failure

I am 22 years old and I just found out I have Premature Ovarian Failure which has caused me to go through early menopause. I have a 5% chance of conciving on my own. I have never felt so alone or scared in my life. It would be nice to find someone who is going or has gone through this. From what little research I have found only 1% of women go through this before 30. My doctor and my Ultra sound tec. Said i was the first they meet.
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I'm 21 and was diagnosed with POF five years ago. I've been struggling to find HRT that my body will accept. My specialists can't find literature to support what dose rates women under 30 should be on, so they are simply guessing. How have you all coped with HRT?

I am 34 and have POF also. I am having trouble finding a HRT that I can take. I have tried so many and have experienced awful side effects. What is working for you guys?

Thank you ladies for respondingx I wasn't sure if I was going to get any responses. It has only been a week since I have found out and gone through a lot of testing so far. I'm tired of getting my blood for. I really don't know what to do or how to handle this. This is very hard. I thought I was doing things right by waiting and now I just want to be pregnate. Have never thought about being pregnate before I found out I just was waiting till The time was right. My ultrasound tech said I was the first she has meet as well. My obgyn told me i will probably not find out why this has happened and that's probably going to be the hardest is not knowing why.

Hi Mallory, you are not alone but it is indeed a rare condition. Even the gynae that i seek treatment with said the same thing. Mine was the first case they came across in that hospital. When she dropped the bombshell, I was too shocked to react. After several weeks, i searched online and read almost everything i could related to POF. I was devastated knowing that I am not able to conceive and have my own child and whats's worse, the thought of going thru early menopause and having to take the oral contraceptive to help me menstruate monthly. <br />
Like Yessicat, time help to heal the wound but come Mothers Day, i cry in silence. Not even my husband could understand what i was going thru.<br />
thanks yessicat for recommending the link, i too will look it up :)

Hello, first if all, let me assure you, you're not alone, I know it feels like it. I was diagnosed with POF at 21, in now 37 and it is still difficult, but it gets better. For me, the best thing that happened after my diagnose was to find other people who clearly understood what was going on, I found them at www.Pofsupport.org. I started by reading everything I could find about the topic:knowledge is power. Then I started asking questions and sharing my feelings with this group of women that know exactly what you're going thru. I was even able to go to one of their annual meetings and hear doctors that are researching our condition talk about it. It was exactly what I needed. Time has helped heal the wound, it gets better, but every time this day comes (mother's day) I confess is sooooo hard. Anyway, go check out the support group, there might be one of them that lives close to you, even. Reach out like you did here, I know getting answers to your questions will help, and knowing you're not the only one will be of some comfort. Good luck! Y.