My Grandchildren Before My Eyes

i was born along with my two elder sisters to a very gifted lady ... my mum x she was a romany gypsie , jet black hair , green eyes , and tanned skin , but spoke as english as the next person . my gifts as i like to call them now in my older years began  . but the strangest things have happened  when my oldest sons have had children , i have seen every single granchildren , even before they was conceived , sightings , noises , but the sightings was the best , so real down to detail hair ,eyes , clothes ,and what they was saying , and i have been 100 per cent accurate every time ., the last one did,nt start out as fun but i still call it a preminition , because i was having a bad nightmare of an evil looking man that was at the foot of my bed then at the side of me ,this went on all night , my husband could not wake me from the distress i was in , but suddenly a small girl of 2 yrs appeared only from shoulder up infront ofthis man laughing and i was laughing back with her , then the evil dissapeared . i instantly knew she was my grandaughter , she had my sons eyes and shoulder lenghth curly hair darker than her older sister whoom is blonde , which ive also seen 4 years earlier in my passage before my son was even in a relationship , just over a week later his girlfriend came to my house and gave me the scan pictures . when my grandaughter was born i had a phone call from my son to say she was he,s double and she had loads of dark hair and yes she has hes eyes , i know alot of people will think this is rubbish but i know i have described all of my grandchildren because ive seen them all , and all at the age of two and they all look exactley the way ive described them , my husband is proof of everything ive writen ,
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Nov 23, 2010