End of the World Dreams

I have had many dreams of the end of the world with many elements that remain the same. This past week all I've had were nightmares and just last night I had another dream of the world ending.

One thing that has really been bugging me is not only these dreams, but the unsettling feelings I get that connect with them. I often have premonitions of the past, present, and future and when I'm around cirtain people I can see things about them. For example, I had a premonition of my friend shoplifting and later found out that she used to do that.

Well, recently I have had "flashbacks" I guess of these end of the world dreams around cirtain people at school. In every one of those dreams, there has always been one or more mysterious figures or strangers that pose a threat to me and I have never been able to figure out who they were. But I do know that they have been the same figures in every dream and there hasn't been more than three of them. (The first end of the world dream I had had all three of the people surrounding me..but the people I've had these "flashbacks" from are people I didn't know at that time).


I will continue more detail later.

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5 Responses Jan 13, 2009

I have had dreams and nightmares and I guess it's like premonition; a couple weeks ago I had the end of the world dream, but in my dreams there are only me, that the world ending going to be one big storm that wipes the world and I was driving down one of the highways. I dreamed of other disasters in the world, including a bad bushfire that happens over in the Eastern States in Australia; I dreamed that I was driving along and there were fires all around me. And the dreams keep coming; I dreamed that I parked my car on top of the hill and it rolled back into a house, then a few days later realised my hand brake of the car isn't working like it should and was worried about parking on-top of a hill/slope, then finally put it in the mechanics. And last night I dreamed that I died, which was a stressful thing to dream about, then I thought I better go to the doctors. Don.

I have always had vivd dreams. Some that make no sense what so ever and some that leave me wondering. I had dreams about the 911 attack for about a year before it happend. Now just last night had a dream of not exactley the world ending, but a comet was heading our way. The government wouldnt tell us until it was close to time. Makes sense due to the fact most people would freak out all year long. But I wasnt scared, and alot of other people were going up north as in closer to the north pole. To keep from dying. ba<x>sed on this dream, we were getting a new world. And the comet was going to be taking out alot of civilization around us. Then a man handed me a debt card with 100,000 bucks on it. And said if I dont make it. Which I wont. I want you to have this. I wanted to look at him and ask him how did he know I was going to make it. But the feeling I got was that I was going to be okay. Then before I woke up. I was sitting there trying to place the united states on the globe in my head. And I didnt feel like our country was in trouble. Some east coast damage yes, but not what I felt when I thought about india for some reason. Then I woke up, like wow not another messed up dream..lol

Yeah same here! I just saw dark storm clouds as far as I could see, then Hugh hail stones the size of soccor balls crashing down & massive winds. I was one of three figures inside a building, but the weather was so loud I couldn't hear anything! Then the clouds started rising and breaking up and the whole sky looked like it was pink/ purple with light blue lighting strikes running through it. Then it felt like gravity just disappeared or flipped but only we were effected, all material items around us didn't move. My gut feeling was this is it, and felt like I already knew it was coming. Dejavue!

had a similar dream, i had a dream the moons were multiplying and hail the size of soccer balls were crashing down on the world and i was dodging them...scarey

hi, just asking, are you an empath?<br />

I really think that is some scary ****. I got goose bumps while I was reading this. Keep me informed.